Need Help with Google Apps for Education?

As a newly certified Google Apps for Education Trainer, I’ve been meaning to write about using GAFE in education, amazing apps and extensions, or some other wonderfully insightful post. But as I navigate this new role, the trainer groups and all the resources out there in the community, I have come to a conclusion that I need to start with those. So, here’s my top 3 ‘go to’ places to find out about Google Apps for Education.

the GooruThe Gooru: Your complete guide to everything Google. Sign up for the newsletter, download the ultimate guides (Drive, Gmail and Admin) and you’ll have everything you need.

How I use: I have the guides and refer to them if I have specific areas to learn about. All the posts and information can be a bit overwhelming and that is why I subscribe to their newsletter. When the email comes to my inbox I scan it to see what the highlights are and if it is something that peaks my interest (or I have a need to know right now) I click on it and read it.

Control alt achieve

Control Alt Achieve: Transforming Education with Technology. Eric Curtis is a Google Apps for Education Genius, and his blog is a plethora of current ‘need to know Google know how’. Just recently I got Jeopardy templates for Google Slides, learned about Virtual ruler and protractor for Chrome, and How to Play Youtube Videos Safely in Schools. Eric also has a Youtube channel and newsletter. You should follow, subscribe and check his resources out. His posts are easy to follow and packed full of useful information.

google communitiesGoogle+ Communities I would be remiss if I didn’t include all the wonderful Google+ Communities that are available for you to join and learn from. Whenever I have a question, or I get a question from a teacher that I don’t know, I immediately go to my communities and within minutes usually have multiple answers.

And that is the best part about Google Apps for Education. When you are a GAFE user, you are a part of an amazing community with people who share, learn and grow together.



Group Assignments in Google Classroom

As I do Google Apps for Education workshops I often get this question: How do I create a group assignment in Google Classroom? At the last workshop we brainstormed options, and actually came up with this option that The Gooru came up with. This video outlines the process.

With all the updates in Google Classroom I’ll bet there will be another solution coming soon, but until then this works great.

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