Your Digital Footprint: What will it say about you?

After presenting to our staff at the beginning of October about ‘Being Professional in a Digital Age‘ I was asked to present to 9th graders at our high school. The main message to our staff was to ‘think before you post’, think about who you friend, and to be aware of your security settings. (for more on that presentation check out my post and prezi)

For 9th grade students the message will be very similar, but with some additions. My hopes are that they will come away from the presentation with these beliefs:

  • I have control of my digital footprint and how I portray myself to the world.
  • I have control of my digital safety because I am careful about who I share with and what I share.
  • I can reduce cyber-bullying by not participating, not even as a passive bystander.
  • It is up to me to build a positive digital footprint.

Here’s my prezi presentation, feel free to use it for your own presentations.

3 thoughts on “Your Digital Footprint: What will it say about you?

  1. Thanks Tony for adding this resource- I like it. It makes some good points about our digital footprints and many points to ponder.

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