The new interactive bulletin board

So, we know that blogging is a great way to have digital conversations with students… how about creating digital interactive bulletin boards?  Enter the sticky, or ‘post-it wall’ tools.  There are several, two of which I like the best: Wallwisher and LinoIt.

Purposes of a digital interactive bulletin board may include:

  • Students post and discuss books they’ve read
  • Activate prior knowledge about a concept or content
  • Answer questions
  • Share experiences

linoitlinoit is a ‘sticky’ tool that has a lot of potential.  You can post stickies, images, documents and video from YouTube and Vimeo. Your canvas can then be shared with a created group, or to the public by sending out a url or embedding it into a blog (see mine below). There are a lot of other features as well (see links below for more information).

You can access my ‘Digital Conversation’ LinoIt here:
Feel free to add to it!

For more information about Lino It check out the langwitches blog post Lino It and from @DoremiGirl I Linoit’d Today.

wallwisherWallwisher is another ‘sticky wall’ application. It is pretty basic which makes it very easy to use. After you create the wall all your students have to do is double click and add to a sticky. They can also add images, video, audio, but need url for components. Students adding do not need to be logged in to post, which makes it even nicer.

Here’s an example of a wallwisher I did on ‘Technology Support’:

For more information about wallwisher, check out ‘Seventeen Interesting Ways to use Wallwisher‘ posted on Ideas to Inspire. I also referred to wallwisher as well in my post ‘Brainstorming digitalized‘.

The bulletin board has become mobile… and digital… what will you add to it?

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